Shah Utsav

Currently a student (and forever too). Learning new things. Expanding horizons... Area of Interest: Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Convex Optimization, Artificial General Intelligence. In Love with Intelligence!

My Projects

In this project, the distance between monocular quadcopter and the object of interest is calculated. Using that and quad's ego position, the objects are tagged with GPS Lat/Long. After some interval the task of tagging is performed again and the objects are associated in different runs to find changes in environment. An implementation for detecting, tagging, and associating trees is carried out. Relevant resources will be published soon.

This is the first project I got to handle completely on my own. The core idea is to obtain dense disparity map with monocular MAV. Then the disparity map is passed to a deep network that performs multivariate regression, mimicking effect of variable number of outputs. Here is the step by step guide to train ResNet like network from scratch. Find the paper here and relevant video here.

This is the first project that got me started with the field of Robotics and Vision. Learned to fly quadcopter with keyboard and joystick. Worked with sensors such as Kinect, ZED Stereo, SICK LMS, etc. Integrated SLAM with pipeline. And got spoiled with Deep Learning! Here is a publication that came out of some of these efforts. This repo has code for synchronous data collection and building custom msg in ROS.

My Career

IIIT Hyderabad

Master of Science in Computer Science and Engineering by Research. Affiliated with Robotics Research Center.

July 2015-Present
Student, Research Assistant


Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering. Learned a wide range of subjects from Data Structures to Artificial Intelligence.

July 2011-15

My Skills